Transplant Transport

Medicore Ambulance Services are transplant logistic experts, experienced in emergency transplant transport nationwide. Get urgently needed transplant patients, organs and surgical teams to where they are needed as quickly and safely as possible.

Providing 24/7 care, we understand that once the phone rings, that there is a small window of time in which vital organs can be transported. Medicore’s fleet of emergency transport vehicles are equipped with the climate control specifications required for optimal transplant organ viability from a remote location to another location or where the organ transplant recipient is being treated.

Why you can trust Medicore for your transplant transportation needs:

  • Speedy transportation of the patient or the organs to be transplanted
  • Safe transportation with medical facilities and attendants to handle any emergency condition
  • State of the art ambulance vehicles & equipment to ensure we deliver a really high quality service.
  • A fully-qualified, vetted & insured team of medical professionals.
  • Nationwide service.
  • CQC registered and compliant care.
  • Affordable & competitive pricing