Basic First-Aid Course

Overview: The basic first aid course is designed for those who may come across first aid situations infrequently. It is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to provide emergency life-saving treatments in common emergency situations.

What you’ll learn: You will come out of our course with the knowledge and confidence to deliver potentially life-saving assistance. We’ll cover topics on (*include a list of class topics - unfortunately, this isn’t on your site so I can’t find out the specifics which is why i feel this is a necessary point.)

How it’s delivered: The course is led by one of our Expert First-Aid Instructors who will use a variety of techniques such as lectures, demonstrations, practicals, and group discussions amongst others, to guide you through the course. The course is delivered in line with the most up-to-date regulations and policies and in English.

Duration: This is a 1-day course (6 hours). This course can be delivered over a number of evenings or weekends as necessary.

Assessment: Students will be assessed throughout the course by:

  • Theory examinations using a multiple choice examination (MCQ)
  • Practical skills demonstrations or OSCEs, using skills sheets and/or scenario-based practical assessments.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be presented with a certificate valid for three years. After the three-year certification period, students are required to undertake the course again to maintain the qualification.

Prerequisites: None