This Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (FREC) course is designed for those who are specifically tasked with providing pre-hospital care to patients in need of emergency care or treatment at work, in their volunteer activity, or in their community. It is ideal for those who are looking to work within specialist roles in the military, police and fire services.

The qualification provides evidence that the learner completed a course of study and assessment to show proficiency in the field of pre-hospital care in order to secure employment and a "licence to practice" from an employer.

What you’ll learn: 

You will come out of our course with the practical competencies and knowledge needed to deal with a range of pre-hospital care emergency situations including:

  • Be able to conduct patient assessments and physiological measure
  • Understand the structure and function of the heart including the cardiac conduction system
  • Understand pathological changes associated with heart disease
  • Know how to use electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring on a patient
  • Be able to manage a patients airway
  • Know how to manage a patient using medical gases
  • Understand the function of components in the thoracic cavity
  • Be able to assess and manage thoracic trauma
  • Understand the function of the musculoskeletal system
  • Understand the key characteristics of the nervous system
  • Understand mechanisms of injury and kinetics
  • Be able to provide first response emergency care for a range of trauma incidents
  • Know how to manage cases of actual and suspected sexual assault
  • Know how to provide first response emergency care at a major incident
  • Understand the physical and psychosocial development in children
  • Know how to provide emergency care to sick and injured children
  • Understand how to deal with a patient displaying signs of mental health problems
  • Be able to assist a clinician performing advanced airway management
  • Be able to assist a clinician gaining vascular access 
  • Be able to assist a clinician performing an infusion
For further infomation, please see FREC 4 qualification specification

How it’s delivered:
The course is led by one of our Expert First-Aid Instructors who will use a variety of techniques such as lectures, demonstrations, practicals, and group discussions amongst others, to guide you through the course. The course is delivered in line with the most up-to-date regulations and policies and in English. 

Duration: This is a 5-day course.


  • 3 x Practical assessments
  • 2x Skills test
  • 3x Learner workbooks
  • 2x Invigilated exams

Certification: : Upon successful completion of the course students will be presented with a Level 4 qualification First Response Emergency Care certificate.

Prerequisites: Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (FREC) course. 

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